Petroleum Marine Construction, LLC obtained a contract for the site-specific fuel system after presenting a detailed construction plan to the awarded General Contractor.

After mobilization, the initial scope consisted of the closure of the existing over-the-water fuel facility. This initial scope began with the lockout/tag out of the fuel panel. Fuel was purged from existing piping and existing dispensers. All piping and dispensers were properly removed and properly disposed of offsite.

The new installation included above-ground stainless steel double wall Doubletrac piping manufactured by Omegaflex.  Stainless Steel pipe hangers were installed at 5ft intervals.  All fuel delivery components are installed per the USCG and NFPA 30A requirements.

A Custom stainless steel inline valve box was installed adjacent to the seawall. Shutoff valves and brake valves were installed within the weatherproof sump

Two custom stainless steel under dispenser containment sumps were specified, and installed under the decking, and attached to the under dispenser containment (UDC) of the new dispensers.

Within the project RFP specifications, the USCG listed Pump Measure Control Marine dispensers.

One (1) diesel Pump Measure Control Model # CG-520MA Marine dispenser was installed on the main pier. In addition, one (1) gasoline Pump Measure Control Model # CG-515MA Marine dispenser was also installed on the main pier.

Per the contract, a brand new electrical distribution system was installed for activation and dispensing fuel. New custom designed and manufactured control panels were purchased and installed in conjunction with the On/Off panel

The newly rehabilitated fuel system is state of the art and allows the USCG to meet the fueling demands during critical times