Safe Harbors Marina, LLC has awarded a contract to Petroleum Marine Construction, LLC, to rehabilitate 12 marina fuel distribution systems.

The challenging project, at the former Brewer Yacht Yards and Marinas, located throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England, includes the removal of the existing underground storage tanks, non-compliant distribution piping, and removal of gasoline station retail dispensers.

The new Marina Fuel Storage Systems will consist of UL-2085 Aboveground Storage Tanks manufactured by Highland Tank. Capacities will range from 6,000 to 18,000 gallons of fuel depending on the sites specific clientele.

The piping will consist of UL-971 and UL94 double wall marina piping manufactured by NUPI.

All piping is installed per manufacturer’s specifications for marina installations.

On multiple sites new dispensers will be installed; as is always our choice of stainless steel marina dispensers, Pump Measure Control Commander models will be installed with stainless steel Emco Wheaton UDC and Hannay stainless steel spring rewind Hose reels.

Petroleum Marine Construction follows the guidelines of The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) RP1000-09 Recommended Practices for the installation of Marine Fueling Systems, and the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) guidelines Marinas and Fire and Electrical Safety at Marinas and Boatyards.

Work began in the fall of 2017 at five sites in Rhode Island and continued through the winter to obtain completion before boating season commences in May.

The project is continuing in throughout 2018 at several locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maryland.