Cruisers on Casco Bay in Maine can get the IGY Marinas treatment. The company will operate a newly developed property in Portland. Fore Points Marina is set to become the company’s northernmost facility in the United States, too.

IGY Marinas is branding and managing Fore Points Marina. The marina is owned by the Portland Foreside development company. However, that company has teamed with IGY’s coastal and marina-engineering affiliate partner for design and permits.

Once it opens in 2020, Fore Points Marina will have slips for 10 megayachts, amid 140 total slips. Just as happens at other IGY Marinas properties,

During the bidding process Petroleum Marine Construction, LLC provided the most complete turnkey approach to this site-specific fuel system. PMC was awarded the contract and worked with the GC Cianbro on the landside and over the water installation.

The design consisted of 30,000 gallons of fuel storage and install marina fuel dispensing systems at two fueling locations within the marina.

PMC was responsible for the Fuel Facility installation which included the installation of two (2) 10,000 Diesel and one (1) Gasoline double-wall Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks, all double wall Nupi UV Piping, vault fittings, and hardware.

As a turnkey design/builder of marina fuel facilities, PMC provided and installed conduit, fittings, wiring, designated fuel subpanel, and communication cable for the operation of five (5) high-speed fueling was achieved using a custom Mobile Fuel Cart with 100ft of 2” discharge hose to allow mega yachts to obtain fuel at rates up to 100 gallons per minute without relocating from their berthing positions.

PMC provided and installed emergency stops, and one (1) electronic compliance monitor system and also provided and installed the POS system manufactured by Scribble.

A designated fuel dock is located within the inner harbor of the marina where watercraft can obtain either gasoline or diesel fuel

PMC Fuel House dispensers were the only choice for a customer that values reliability and aesthetics. One (1) PMC FH-510 w/ 100ft of 1” color-coded blue hose was installed for gasoline fueling as well as a PMC FH- 510 w/ 100ft of 1” color-coded green hose was installed for diesel.

All nozzles were installed meeting NFPA 30A and had all handle open latches removed.