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THE WHARF MARINA IN WASHINGTON DC is a world-class waterfront destination for residents and visitors alike.

The amazing mile-long neighborhood along the Washington Channel of the Potomac River reestablishes Washington DC as a true waterfront city.

Boaters enjoy easy access to shops, restaurants, cultural uses, hotels, music venues, free events and public areas including waterfront parks, promenades, piers, and docks

The Marina Rehabilitation will consist of new concrete floating docks with water, sewer, fuel, and electric.

Petroleum Marine Construction, LLC  while working in conjunction with the client’s design and engineering teams, was contracted to design/build a site-specific marina fuel system.

Petroleum Marine Construction, LLC  negotiated and obtained a contract due to our relationships achieved through successful past projects with this developments team of  Moffett & Nichols,  Cianbro Corp, and Bellingham Marine Industries.

During negotiations, it became perfectly clear that our + 40 years of experience in the marina fueling business assured the client that they would receive a truly specialized site-specific fuel facility.

The fuel dock design and installation will follow Petroleum Equipment Institutes RP-1000 Recommended Practices for the Installation of Marina-Fueling Systems.

The over the water marina fuel delivery system will include onshore and over the water, fiberglass valve sumps to meet the design criteria per PEI RP1000

To achieve the clients requested flow rates two (2) Pump Measure Control Commander Model # 2600 dual hose dual product fuel dispensers with external stainless-steel electric hose reels, hose reel aluminum covers will be installed.

100ft UV USCG approved color-coded hoses will allow the client to fuel multiple vessels simultaneously utilizing the entire fuel dock

To meet existing and future code requirements the over-the-water fuel pipe of choice is Nupi  UL-971 & UL94 Flame retardant 2”  double wall UV marina gasoline and diesel fuel piping.

State of the art, within budget, installation performance that beats the client’s critical path. This is only a few reasons that Petroleum Marine Construction, LLC  can say with confidence that they are the leader in this specialized market!